Zaaptv HD309N

Zaaptv HD309N

In stock now! The new Zaaptv HD309N receiver has all the same features as the HD209N and also has custom applications for more movies, tv shows and live channels, faster channel changing and much more!

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ZaapTV HD309N HD Arabic TV Receiver

In stock now!  With lots of new features like faster menus and channel changing, more content, faster processors and custom applications, this new Zaaptv model will be sure to please.   Comes with free wireless USB wifi adapter and 6' HDMI cable.


Zaaptv HD309N Features:

  • Processor: Sigma Design SMP8653-CBE3.
  • System: Linux 32-bit.
  • Video Format: WMV, VC1, Sorrenson Flash, H.264, MPEG1-4, V6, JPEG.
  • Audio Format: WMA 9.0/9.1/9.2, WMA Pro/Lossless, LPCM, MP3, MPEG4 AAC, Vorbis.
  • Container Format: ASF, FLV, MP4, MPEG-2 PS, DVD VOB, AVI, MOV, Xvid, FLV, Matroska. Supported TV Standard: NTSC/PAL.
  • Video Resolution: 480i, 480p, 720p, 720i, 1080p, 1080i.
  • Video Interface: HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio.
  • Network Interface: 10/100BASE-T Ethernet.
  • Optical Interface:  SPDIF.
  • Other Ports: 3 X USB 2.0 ports. (for wireless adapter, flash storage/hard drive)
  • Size: 3.5" x 5.1" x 1"/8.8 cm x 13 cm x 2.5 cm.
  • Weight: 0.4 lb/182 g.
  • Included: ZAAPTV HD309N, Remote Control with 2 AAA Batteries, 110/220 V Power Adapter, Audio/Video Cable, 10/100 Ethernet Cable, Quick Start Guide.
  • Bonus Items Included: 6' HDMI Cable, USB Wireless WI-FI 802.11 N Original Adapter, Lifetime Forum Support, 1 Year Phone Technical Support, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.
  • Language Menu: English.
  • Certification: CE, FC, RoHS compliant.


Zaaptv Channels:

Watch These Live ARABIC channels

2M Maroc, Abu Dhabi Drama 2, Abu Dhabi TV, Addounia TV, Aden,  Aghapy TV, Ajman TV, Al Alamia, AL Amaken Drama, AL Anwar, AL Aoula Inter, Al Baghdadia, Al Bawadi, Al Beladi TV, Al Danah, Al EKhbaria, Al Farah, Al Fath, Al Ghadeer, Al Haqeqa, Al Dawliah, Al Haqiqa, AL Hayat, Al Hayat / Life Channel, Al Hayat Cinema, Al Hayat Series, Al Hurra, Al Hurra Iraq, Al Jadeed, Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Children, Al Jazeera Documentary, Al Jazeera English, Al Jazeera Global, Al Jazeera Mubasher, Al Jazeera Sports, Al Jazeera Sports 1, Al Jazeera Sports 2, AL Lubnania, Al Maghribia, Al Manar TV, Al Masrawia, Al Mergab, Al Mergab 2, Al Mustakillah TV, Al Qethara, Al Rasheed, Al Saeda, AL Sahraa, AL Sumaria, Al Tejariah TV CH, Al Watan Plus, Al Yawm  Palestine, Al Zahra, Alaan TV, Alaan TV, Alafasy 1, Alaqsa Satellite Channel, Alarabia, Alforat, Alhayat 2, Alkass, All TV, Al-Nadi, Alrai TV, AL-Rayah, Alwatan TV, ANB, Arabia, Arabian Gulf, Arabica TV, Arrabiaa, Arriadia, Ashorooq TV, Assadissa, Awtan, Baghdad TV, Bahrain 55, Bahrain Sport, Bahrain Sport 2, Bahrain TV, Baraem, BBC Arabic, Bedaya, Blue Nile Channel, Cairo Cinema, Cairo Drama, Claquette TV, CN Arabia, CNBC Arabiyah, CTV Coptic, Dream, Dream 2, Dream2, Dubai Racing, Dubai Sports 2, Dubai Sports Channel , Dubai TV, DW-TV Arabic, ESC Al Masriyah, FOX Movies, France 24 (in Arabic), Funoon Plus, Future News, Future TV International , Future USA, FX TV, Gali Kurdistan, Gear One, Hamasat TV, Hannibal, HCTV Somali, Huda TV, iFILM, Infinity TV, Iqraa TV, Iraqia TV, Jordan Satellite Channel, KANAL 4, Kirkuk TV, KNN, KNN Channel, Korek TV, Kurdistan TV, Kurdsat, LBC Europe, LBC Sat, Libya Al Ahrar, Libya Al Ahrar, Libya Al Hurra, Libya Al Watan, Libya Satellite Channel, Lybia Alriadya, Madani Channel, Mauritanian TV, Mazzika, Mazzika 1, Mazzika Zoom, Mazzika Zoom, MBC 1, MBC 2, MBC 3, MBC 4, MBC Action, MBC drama, MBC Max, MBC Persia, MBC Wanasah, Mecca, Medi1 Sat, Mehwer, Melody Aflam, Melody Aflam, Melody Arabia, Melody Drama, Melody Sports, Miracle Channel, Misrata, Modern Rewayat, Modern Sports, MTV Arabia, MTV Lebanon, Music Alhanen, Nat Geo Abudhabi, NBN, Nessma, Nickelodeon Arabic, Nile Cinema, Nile Comedy, Nile Culture, Nile Drama, Nile Drama 2, Nile Life, Nile News, Nile Sport, NileTV, Nojoom 2, Nojoom 3, Nojoom 4, Noor Dubai, Noor Dubai, Nour TV, Noursat Al Chabab, Oman, Oman TV2, One TV, Orient TV, Oscar Drama, Oscar Drama 2, OTV Egypt, OTV Lebanon, Palestine, Panorama Action, Panorama Comedy, Panorama Drama, Panorama Drama 2, Qatar TV, Rojhelat, Rotana Cinema, Rotana Masriya, Russia Al-Yaum, Rwaea TV, Sama Almosul, Sama Cinema, Sama Dubai, SAT7, Saudi – Sunnah, Saudi 1, Saudi 2, Saudi Sport, Sharaqiya, Sharja channel, Sheba, Shefaa TV, Space power , Speda, Star Cinema, Suroyo TV, Surroyo sat, Surroyo tv, Syria Medical TV, Syria News, Syria Satellite Channel , Syrian Drama TV, Tamazaght, Tawazon, Télé Liban, Tele Tchad, Time Cinema, Time Comedy, Top Movies TV, Tripolis TV, TRT Arabic, Tunisia World Television, Tunisie 21, Tunisie Nat, Tunisie Television 1, Tunsia TV, TV Algerie 3, TV5, Twenty Five, Yemen, Zagros, ZEE Aflam plus many radio stations.

Live GREEK / CYPRUS channels

902, 4E, Achai, Alpha, Ant1, Blue Sky, Cinema 1, Cinema 2, Cinema 3, Delta, ERT World, ET1, ET3, Greek Movies 1, Greek Movies 2, Greek Movies 3, IRIDA, Kontra, Kriti TV, Mad, Mega, Mega Cyprus, Net, NRG, Rik Sat, ShopTV, Sigma, Skai, Star, Start TV, Tile Mousiki, Tileasti, Tilefos, TV Plus, TVS, Vouli, WPSO plus many radio stations.

Live TURKISH channels

Adana Koza TV, ATV Avrupa, Bloomberg HT, Cartoon Network, CNN Türk, Dunya TV, E2, Euro D, Euro Star, Flash TV, FOX Turkey, Haberturk TV, Kanal 7, Kanal D, Kral TV, Mehtap TV, MIXX TV, NTV Avrupa, Power Turk, S Haber, Samanyolu, SHOW Turk, ŞipŞak TV, Star TV, TRT Haber, TRT Turk, TRT1, TRT3, TRT4 Cocuk, Yumurcak TV, Yurdum plus many radio stations.

Live AFRICAN channels 

ETV Ethiopia, ERI TV, Somalisat, Universal tv, HCTV Somali, Tele Chad, Oman, Oman TV2 plus many radio stations.

Live KURDISH channels

Gali Kurdistan, Kanal 4, KNN, Korek, Kurdistan TV, Kurdsat, Rojhelat, Zagros plus many radio stations.


ABN Sat, Suroyotv, Suroyo Sat plus many radio stations.

ZAAPTV and Ground Control Electronics are not responsible for the content and does not guarantee nor claims any rights to the content. ZAAPTV is providing the streams of all the channels as they are available on the internet.

Zaaptv Specifications:

Sigma Design SMP8653-CBE3.

Linux 32-bit.

Video Format:
WMV, VC1, Sorrenson Flash, H.264, MPEG1-4, V6, JPEG.

Audio Format:
WMA 9.0/9.1/9.2, WMA Pro/Lossless, LPCM, MP3, MPEG4 AAC, Vorbis.

Container Format:
ASF, FLV, MP4, MPEG-2 PS, DVD VOB, AVI, MOV, Xvid, FLV, Matroska. Supported TV Standard: NTSC/PAL.

Video Resolution:
480i, 480p, 720p, 720i, 1080p, 1080i.

Video Interface:
HDMI, Analog RCA video/stereo audio.

Network Interface:
10/100BASE-T Ethernet.

Optical Interface: 

Other Ports:
3 X USB 2.0 ports. (for wireless adapter, flash storage/hard drive)

3.5" x 5.1" x 1"/8.8 cm x 13 cm x 2.5 cm.

0.4 lb/182 g.

ZAAPTV HD309N, USB Wireless WI-FI 802.11 N Original Adapter, Remote Control with 2 AAA Batteries, 110/220 V Power Adapter, Audio/Video Cable, 10/100 Ethernet Cable, Quick Start Guide.

Language Menu:

CE, FC, RoHS compliant.


Zaaptv HD309N Features:
ZAAPTV HD309N is the ultimate entertainment machine. The device delivers video content via broadband to television set without the use of a satellite dish or a personal computer.


  • NEW! Faster Zaaping.

  • NEW! Included ZAAPTV WIFI 802.11 N.

  • NEW! Newspaper read with mouse movement through remote control arrows.

  • NEW! USB APP load, load thousand of application to ZAAPTV.

  • NEW! Over 10 000 VOD movies and series through Youtube™.

  • NEW! Picasa™ online photo.

  • With access to MYZAAPTV™ you can add and share TV channels and video streams found from web sites and share them with your friends. Enjoy user shared audio/visual content online today. High Quality TV Channels have been added by our users from the Middle East, Turkey and East Africa.

  • With access to ZAAPTVLIVE™ that brings you the latest experience in TV technology. Channels found on the Internet are added everyday by the ZAAPTV development team. Enjoy coverage of Live events, Sport, Drama, Family, Kids, News and Talk-shows. Channels from Middle East, Turkey and East Africa. 

  • With access to YouTube™ that has become a metaphor for the democratic power of the Internet. At the same time it becomes one of the largest sources of entertainment and social networking.

  • With Access to™. Never Pay Outrageous Cable Bills Again! Free Movies, TV Shows, Live Sports and more! Install Playon™ on your local computer and enjoy the services through ZAAPTV™.

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